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A review of “E-coaching Ecosystem: Design and Effectiveness Analysis of the Engagement of Remote Coaching on Athletes”

categories: HCI, remote coaching, sports

Movement Correction and Remote Coaching: A New Research Program

categories: HCI, remote coaching, sports

HCI: Fitness: What is a movement?

HCI: Open Questions in the Accessibility of Programming with Vision Impairments

HCI: Glanceable Visualizations on Smartwatches

HCI: SODBeans: A debugger for people with vision impairments

PL: Indexed Operations

HCI: An Update on CHI 2022

I’m Recruiting a PhD Student

PL: From monads to comonads and back

A brief history of graded modalities

Who came up with semantic brackets?

Category Theory Notes

New Blog Infrastructure

Come One, Come All! The AU CS Colloquium Series is Open to All

Online Seminar: A gentle introduction to template games

A Simplification to LNL Models

Several Online Workshops Coming Soon

Units in Graded Sequent Calculi

Thoughts on Mentoring Undergraduate Research Assistants

My Path from Special Education to Assistant Professor

Postdoc Opportunity at Augusta University

POPL Tutorial: Linear and Graded Modal Types for Fine-Grained Program Reasoning

Augusta University is Hiring Computer Scientists!

New Papers and Talks

Linear Categories: A Folklore Simplification

Barr's Diagrams: Thumbnails

Day 1 at the NSF Career Workshop

Rebooting the Blog: What have I been up to?

Coalgebras, Comonads, and Distributive Laws

LL2016 - Linear Logic: interaction, proofs and computation

The Collapse: When Matter Meets Antimatter

LFCS16: Topics

Logical Foundations in Computer Science 2016

Resources for Categories in CS

NIST Workshop on Computational Category Theory: Day 1 and Day 2

NIST Workshop on Computational Category Theory: Day 0

On the Categorical Model of Fragmented Y