Augusta University is Hiring Computer Scientists!

Updated: 2018-09-19

I am pleased to announce that The School of Computer and Cyber Sciences at Augusta University is hiring a lot of computer scientists!

We are looking to fill 12 open positions, and we will keep looking until all of them are filled.

Applications are due by Dec. 1, 2018, but the sooner the better.

The complete job ad can be found here.

The positions are open rank and not specific to any one subfield, and the percent effort between teaching and research will be balanced.

However, Clément Aubert and I are looking to recruit at least one of these positions for our new lab:

The ForML Lab

So I want to make this really clear, we are looking for applications from people whose research falls into PL, or formal methods, or computational logic (including categorical logic), or applictions of these areas to other areas of CS.

Why is this exciting?

This is a really exciting time at Augusta University. This stream of hiring is all about diversifying our research portfolio in the school.

Basically, we are starting from scratch, and the time is now to build within the school.

For example, we established the ForML Lab, but that is the only research lab in the school currently. For example, suppose you wanted to join us, and you are applying PL to machine learning, then you can found a machine learning lab, because we don’t have one.

You will not just be a COG in the research machine! You will get a say in all aspects of the school from its operations and curriculum all the way to research. We all have a say here!

We are currently crafting a masters in CS, but a PhD is next, and the new hires will get a say in how we build our PhD program.

Our students need more access to research and in more areas. You will help with that. They need you!

Contact Me!

I am a member of the search committee, and so if you or anyone you know has any questions please .

Also, share this post with anyone that might be interested.

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