Several Online Workshops Coming Soon

Updated: 2020-04-08

I wanted to bring to everyones attention a couple of workshops that I’m helping with that will be online, and are waiting for your submission.

  • LINEARITY && TLLA 2020 - I’m on the PC for this joint workshop. I really love these two workshops. Attending these I’ve made lots of freinds and gotten lots of useful feedback. Please consider submitting!

  • Graphical Models in Security (GraMSec 2020) - I’m a cochair of this workhsop on the use of graph-based theory and tools used in security. This year we have widended the scope, the entires of interest to my research community are:

    1. Graph representations: mathematical, conceptual, and implemented tools for describing and reasoning about security and safety

    2. Logical approaches: formal logical tools for representing and reasoning about graphs and their use as modelling tools in security

    3. Semantics: developing or studying semantic approaches to graph-based models used in security like set theoretic models, categorical models, logical models, etc.

    4. Threat modelling: modelling and analysing software systems security, models for DevSecOps, etc.

    5. Security requirements: models and tools for describing and analysing requirements on system security and privacy.

    6. Secure systems: safe and secure system design, quantification of security/safety, models for system security/safety evaluation.

    These entries have a large non-empty intersection with topics related to PL, types, and category theory.

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